September 7, 2017

posted Sep 7, 2017, 5:26 AM by Kari Fuerstenberg
Good morning parents!
  I hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying this cooler weather! We had a longer recess yesterday to enjoy the cooler temperatures! It has been great being back with the kids- we earned another "happy ball" yesterday for great behavior, so we're up to 5! Tomorrow's Show and Tell is for the letter C (our Super Kid has been Cass, but we'll be moving onto Oswald next week) We will also have Cooking Class tomorrow morning! If you want to help, come to the kitchen at 10:30. 
  Next Wednesday, September 13th, is Grandparents Day. Your child's grandparents are invited to join us for morning chapel, activities in the classroom, recess, and an art project. Please RSVP to me on how many of your child's grandparents will be attending by Monday, September 11th. (if grandparents are unable to make it, please feel free to join, or have a special guest come for the morning. I've had students in the past not have grandparents able to make it, and we always have other grandparents who "adopt" them for the morning!) 
  School pictures will be October 12th, starting at 10am. I will do my best to keep this date in front of you so you remember.
  The kids were scheduled to sing this coming Sunday, September 10th, but that has been rescheduled. Due to the flooding and being out of school, I wanted to postpone them singing to ensure they're ready. The new date for them to sing is Sunday, September 24th in the 10:30 service. They should show up to the gym by 10:15 in their singing uniform (white Abiding Word polo with khaki bottoms). If you have any questions, let me know!

  Next week we'll be working on the following:
** Christ light ** God watches over His people at Babel, God Speaks: Abraham listens, Abraham shares his land, and God answers Abraham's Prayer (we typically have 2 lessons a week, but with missing a week of school, we'll have one lesson a day, with the exception of Wednesday because we have chapel!) 
** Memory Treasure ** I, even I, am the Lord, and apart from me there is no Savior. Isaiah 43:11 
** Math ** Unit 2: Numbers to 5
** Super Kids ** Oswald and the letter O
** Phonics ** C handwriting and matching pairs together
** Science ** Investigating with Science equipment
** Social Studies ** Time For Kids (TFK)
** Art ** Fruit of the Spirit "Joy" project
** Music ** Music in our School and "The Children of the World"
** Technology ** iPads with Mr. Lange
** PE ** Skipping, jumping, and running with Mr. Lange

Have a terrific Thursday!